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Grants to youth organisations - grant application requirements

  1. All questions on the Application Form must be answered.

  2. Give a clear description of the project you would like funded.

  3. Supporting material such as end of year accounts and past results of similar projects would be beneficial.

  4. It is unlikely the Foundation would support a project in full and references to other sources of funding need to be noted on the application form.

  5. Grants will only be made to organisations that have a Child Protection Policy in place and can confirm that all staff and volunteers are DBS checked.

  6. The application and supporting documentation must be received by the Foundation Office before the deadline date.

  7. All organisations are required to complete the Application Form even if they have had a previous grant from the Foundation.

  8. Grants are not provided for individual salaries, school fees, college fees, university loan fees, utility bills, childcare, food, payment of debts or capital expenditure.

  9. Grants will be paid upon receipt of invoices or proforma invoices from suppliers.

  10. If a grant is not claimed within twelve months without justification, it will be cancelled automatically.

  11. The Foundation is unable to guarantee continuing support to projects and cannot take responsibility for funding the costs of salaries and administration.

  12. The Foundation may visit organisations to ensure that the funding request is reasonable.

  13. The Foundation will not fund any expenditure incurred before the approval of Trustees at the relevant meeting.

Please do not post any original documents.  We accept document scans via the on-line application process or you can post photocopies of official documents if you are unable to scan them.  We cannot take responsibility for any original documents lost in the post.

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Data protection statement

Please note: 
When you 
complete the grant application form you are expressly consenting to your personal data being held by us in accordance with our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. All data entered in the application will be held under the same Policy in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulations.

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Centre for Young Musicians (CYM)
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