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Grants to youth organisations - guidance notes

About the grant application

  1. The St Olave’s Foundation Fund provides financial support for Youth Organisations/Groups/Schools based in the London Borough of Southwark that provide activities for young people under the age of 25 years old and who are resident in the London Borough of Southwark in pursuit of their education and who are in demonstrable need of financial assistance.

  2. Examples of grants that have been awarded in the past include: school trips, after school club activities, youth activity projects, uniformed organisations and educational workshops etc.

  3. The Fund does not define how much of the total funding available will be allocated to each category, as it considers all applications on their individual merits.

  4. Organisations may receive a maximum of £3,000 for any one grant although they may apply for multiple grants over a period of time.  It is unusual for an organisation to receive more than one grant in any one year.

  5. When considering applications from organisations, the Trustees will consider the following:
    • How the grant will enable the organisation to provide educational or recreational benefits to the recipients of the proposed project, the number who are residents of the London Borough of Southwark and the number who are experiencing financial hardship;
    • Whether the application demonstrates a clearly defined project and cost.  The Fund will not normally provide a grant towards the day to day running costs of an organisation, however it will fund projects on a full cost recovery basis;
    • Applicants should be the end commissioner of a project, ie. the users rather than the providers;
    • The Trustees will assess applications against their proposed outcomes;
    • Grants will not normally be made for the total project cost.  The Trustees look for other contributions towards the costs.

  6. The Trustees meet four times a year and grant applications can be made at any time. View the dates of the meetings and the application deadlines.

  7. All grants are paid upon receipt of invoices or proforma invoices from suppliers.

  8. Unclaimed grants will be cancelled after 12 months.

  9. Grants are not awarded to post graduate students (masters degrees), individual salaries, school fees, college fees, university loan fees, domestic bills, childcare, food or payment of debts. Grants are also not awarded retrospectively, that is towards items that have already been purchased.

  10. Please see the Grant application requirements page for more information.

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