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Grants to individuals - guidance notes

About the grant application

  1. Awards are granted directly to students under the age of 25 undertaking higher/further education, apprenticeships or other direct educational activities.  Consideration will also be given to young people wanting to pursue courses in the arts, music, dancing etc.

  2. Individuals must be under the age of 25 years old and currently live in The London Borough of Southwark.

  3. Trustees meet four times a year and grant applications can be made at any time.  However, please see Deadlines for Applications & Meeting Dates to ensure you apply within the cut-off date. Applications must be received by the deadline date or they will not be considered.

  4. Examples of past grants include: a laptop, printer, books, educational materials, travel expenses, expenses associated with vocational training, musical instruments etc.

  5. Grant funding may only be considered for direct educational needs. 

  6. You may be asked to demonstrate financial hardship.

  7. Individuals may receive a maximum grant of £2,000 per academic year over 3 years.  However, the normal level of funding is around £500-£700 per application.  Grants will be for specific items or to meet specific costs.  More than 3 grants (regardless of value) will not be considered other than in the most exceptional of cases at the discretion of the Trustees.

  8. Grants maybe split into termly payments if appropriate.  The second payment will be dependent upon the Foundation receiving a copy of the receipt(s) for the agreed purchase(s) made with the first payment as proof of purchase. The same happens with the third payment.

  9. When looking at applications from Individuals, the Trustees will consider the following:
    • How the grant will explicitly benefit the applicant’s education
    • Whether a formal offer of a place at an educational establishment has been made and accepted
    • If the individual has demonstrated financial hardship (if applicable)
    • Previous grant awards from the Foundation to the individual
    • Evidence of other funding applications and their results, if known, eg bursaries, hardship funds, other charities etc.
    • Official references received from previous educational establishment and others
    • Short personal statement explaining the reasons why you are applying for a grant.
    • Whether the individual has made contact with the Foundation Office to discuss the application
    • If funding will make a real difference to the applicant

  10. A letter/email will be sent shortly after the Trustees' meeting informing you of their decision.

  11. If a grant is not claimed within twelve months without justification, it will be cancelled automatically.

  12. Grants are not awarded to post graduate students (masters degrees), individual salaries, school fees, college fees, university loan fees, domestic bills, childcare, food or payment of debts. Grants are also not awarded retrospectively, that is towards items that have already been purchased.

  13. Please see the Grant application requirements page for more information on the supporting documentation to accompany your grant application.

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